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How to Care For Your Diamond Ring

Taking care of “the symbol of everlasting love”

The diamond engagement ring is the only piece of jewelry one wears for an entire lifetime. It is a symbol of love and life-long commitment. When you first get it you will be careful The longer you wear a ring the more you get used to it. And that’s when something might happen. Here are some basic tips to make sure your diamond ring keeps its shine. .

1. Handle with care

This sounds obvious but its nonetheless the most important tip we can give. Hold the diamond by the ring, not the setting or the diamond. Make sure you take it off when doing work that might endanger it. Diamond is the hardest material on earth but it can get dirty or even chip, so make sure you treat your diamond ring with the care it deserves.

2. Scratches are not really a problem

A diamond can only be set in max. 18 carat gold. If it’s too soft or too hard it won’t hold the diamond as well as the 18 carat setting will. This means that the gold is soft enough to get scratched. Don’t worry about that, since a professional jeweler can easily clean your ring and remove the scratches. If you bought your ring with Coster Diamonds this is always free of charge.

3. Watch out for chemicals

You probably won´t stick your hand in acid, but there are a lot of chemicals in every day products that can affect your diamond ring. It is recommended to take off your ring when you use hairspray, wash the dishes or take a bath/shower. If you do it won’t put your ring in immediate danger, but just to keep it bright and shining we recommend you do it with care.

4. Clean it yourself or leave it to a professional

It is inevitable that after a while the ring will lose some of its shine. No worries, you can either soak it in a bath of water and ammonia (4/5 water and 1/5 ammonia) for no more than 10 minutes, it will come out sparkling and new. Just make sure you use a dry cloth instead of paper, or even better a hairdryer (not too warm!) to avoid any water marks or cloth/dust in your setting.

But I recommend you just go to your local jewelry shop and have it cleaned by them. Usually it’s free of charge and if not it’s such a small fee that it will be worth it. At Coster Diamonds we clean your jewelry for free if you bought it from us and if you didn’t, we’ll probably clean it anyway J

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