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Rainbow Bracelet with Diamonds and Sapphires

An 18 karat rose gold diamond bracelet with fancy colored sapphires in all the colors of the rainbow. Show your uniqueness and wear it with pride!

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Sapphire is generally known for its blue color. But just like people, sapphires come in all colors and shapes. 29 princess cut sapphires adorn this bracelet. The combination of blue, pink, orange, yellow and green sapphires make this Rainbow bangle bracelet a unique piece. On both sides of the string of sapphires is a line of diamonds. Each line consists of 67 small brilliant-cut diamonds.

Wear with pride

Are you looking for a way to show your colorful personality? Add some flair to your outfit with this special Rainbow Bracelet. Make a statement and let the world know you're here and proud to be.

Customer Reviews

Are you looking for a way to show your personality? And some flair to your Rainbow Bracelet. Make a statement

By Robert

Amazing! Right place, Right platform a wide range of collection

By Jim Kerry

Wonderful! Come and Choose different variety of collection at one place.

By Tim Dsouza

Diamonds & Gemstones

  • Kind of stone(s): Diamonds & Sapphires
  • Carat: 0.92 & 4.28
  • Color: Wesselton & Fancy
  • Clarity: VS
  • Cut: Brilliant & Princess

Setting & Options

  • Kind of Setting: Bangle Bracelet
  • Material: 18 Karat Rose Gold
  • Also available: in 18K White Gold and 18K Yellow Gold
  • Sizes: for custom orders, we can make any size imaginable

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