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The Classic Diamond Ring

The timeless classic and all-time favorite from women all over the globe. It’s no secret that the 6-prong solitaire diamond ring is still immensely popular.

Fun fact: we also call this particular ring a “tulip setting”.

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  • Kind of stone(s): Diamond
  • Carat: 1.21
  • Color: Top Crystal I
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Cut: Royal 201
  • Kind of Setting: Solitaire with 6 prongs
  • Material: 18 Karat White Gold
  • Also available: in 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rose Gold
  • Sizes: we have all ring sizes in stock and our goldsmiths can resize every ring in a few minutes
About the stone

This particularly shown ring contains a 1.21 carat Royal 201 cut diamond. It has a Top Crystal-I color. This means the diamond is slightly tinted white. Because the difference between White and Slightly Tinted is so small, it is very hard to tell the difference. This makes Top Crystal-I a perfectly viable option for this classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The diamond has an SI2-clarity which means the inclusions are invisible to the naked eye when viewed from above. From the sides, you can only see them with a 10x magnifying.

The popular love song “I brought you tulips from Amsterdam” is an all-time classic. But just imagine the look on her face when you tell her you brought a tulip-styled ring. Beats the flowers every day of the week. The small “leaves” between the prongs remind us of the famous Dutch flower. The ring’s slender design of a tulip six-prong solitaire shows off the diamond perfectly.

Especially when that diamond is a patented Royal 201 of course. This diamond ring guarantees a sparkle that just goes on and on. But it remains elegant at all times. Solitaire rings often come with 4 or 6 prongs. Six prongs keep the diamond more securely in place and make the diamond look ‘rounder’. Four prongs can make the diamond look a bit squarer. If you are looking for the perfect ring for your classic lady, this is the one for you.