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The Minimalist with a Twist Diamond Ring

When you want the optimal sparkle of a four-prong solitaire diamond ring, but with a – literal – twist. This distinct diamond bypass ring may just be what you are looking for.

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  • Kind of stone(s): Diamond
  • Carat: 1.14
  • Color: Crystal-J
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut: Royal 201
  • Kind of Setting: Bypass Solitaire with 4 prongs
  • Material: 18 Karat White Gold
  • Also available: in 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rose Gold
  • Sizes: we have all ring sizes in stock and our goldsmiths can resize every ring in a few minutes
About the stone

We can create every ring just the way you like it. But the setting of this basic diamond engagement ring with a twist brings an optimal sparkle. Therefore, we prefer to put a Royal 201 cut diamond in this ring. The ring in the pictures has a 1.14 carat Royal 201. It has a Crystal-J color, so it is still a (though slightly tinted) white color. The diamond has a VS2-clarity. This means the inclusions are very difficult to see by the naked eye. Though visible under a 10x magnification, the inclusions are considered minor.

This ring is a bit more than a regular or straightforward design. It still features a Royal 201 diamond with just four prongs, but the bypass setting makes it stand out. That is why this setting is also definitely one of our favorites. As you may know, four prongs make sure more light passes through the diamond than six prongs. Many people like four-prong rings, but point out that it can make a round cut diamond look a bit “squarer”. That is just a matter of personal taste of course. But one of the great things about this bypass setting is that the placement of the prongs doesn’t affect the diamond’s perceived shape: win-win.