Twisted Pave Solitaire Diamond Ring

A classic four-prong basket solitaire diamond ring but with half pave that is absolutely rocking this ring. You cannot go sideways with this luxurious piece with its so-called “shoulder stones”.

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This solitaire diamond ring with a diagonal half pave makes you look twice. Instead of a regular pave, the diamond rows on both sides of the diamonds are not straight. They are slightly tilted, almost giving the feeling of a bypass paved ring, but a little more subtle. The main benefit of this design is that it gives the ring just that little bit extra you were looking for. Another benefit is that the frame is still quite basic. It has a sturdy basket setting and you can still combine this ring with all sorts of other rings. Which is harder for a regular paved diamond ring.

About the stone

The ring as displayed here has a big 1.01 carat Royal 201 as center stone to guarantee the perfect sparkle. The Royal 201 has a Crystal-J color with an SI2 clarity. The latter means the inclusions are invisible to the naked eye when looking at the stone from above. They may be visible from the side of the bottom though, and when inspected with a 10x loupe. The diamond paves, or rows, on both sides of the center stone are all Top Wesselton brilliant cut diamonds. Their combined weight is 0.14 carat and they have a VS clarity.

Diamonds & Gemstones

  • Kind of stone(s): Diamonds
  • Carat: 1.01 + 0.14
  • Color: Top Crystal + Top Wesselton
  • Clarity: SI2 + VS
  • Cut: Royal 201 + Brilliant

Setting & Options

  • Kind of Setting: Solitaire with 4 prongs and half pave
  • Material: 18 Karat White Gold
  • Also available: in 18K Yellow Gold and 18K Rose Gold
  • Sizes: we have all ring sizes in stock and our goldsmiths can resize every ring in a few minutes

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