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Royal Coster ReSparkle Service

Get your jewellery examined, cleaned and brought back to its original glory

Do you have old jewellery lying around that you love but looks dull and lost its original sparkle and maybe lost a diamond or has other issues? Or do you have family jewellery that was passed along for generations but you don’t really know what it’s worth? Then let the most trusted diamond polishers examine your jewellery and tell you what you need to know. Free of charge!

But that’s not all. Once we’ve told you what you have, we will also clean your jewellery to bring it back to the same beautiful sparkle you remember it for. That’s the Royal Coster service.

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•  Clean your jewelry
•  Get advice on what you have and what it is worth
•  Let our experts examine or analyze any flaws your jewelry might have and see how we can fix it.

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The Royal 201 Collection

The Royal 201 is our patented cut with 201 facets. Many diamond experts consider this the most beautiful diamond cut in the world.

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Our diamond consultants are standing by to help you find that specific diamond piece you're looking for. They take all your wishes into account, including your budget.