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Amsterdam Favored by Chinese Tourists

April 7, 2017/ BY Robert

Rotterdam, April 5 – “I think Schiedam is the most beautiful city in the tour. The houses and the mills were nice to see and it was very quiet,” says Cui Xun, a participant in one of GEG’s first Real Holland Travel Tours. Apart from Schiedam, Cui was also impressed with the Royal Delft porcelain factory. They also really liked it that she could see the Girl with the Pearl Earring at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. “And what are those little pancakes again? Poffertjes?”

Touristic hotspots in the Netherlands

This week the first five groups of Echt Holland Tour travel through the Netherlands. After the usual highlights – The Keukenhof and Amsterdam – they were also going to less famous places. While one group made a tour in Giethoorn, another group visited castle ruins and Velvet Cave Valkenburg. All followed by a shopping trip in Roermond. Another group visited Nuenen, the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh. In Eindhoven there was much interest in the Philips museum. Philips is also in China a famous brand, but few Chinese tourists know that they can visit a museum about the history of the company in Eindhoven. A total of 1,500 Chinese tourists will visit these places in the coming weeks.

A visit to Gouda and Utrecht today is the last day of the first group. The Holland Tour ends in Amsterdam, where the participants still have the opportunity to see the diamond polishers of Coster Diamonds Royal at work and to do shopping for their family at home.

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