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Spring in Amsterdam

March 24, 2017/ BY Alina

Clear blue fills the Amsterdam sky. Rays of sunlight reflect on the roofs of the old characteristic townhouses Amsterdam is famous for. Tourists are strolling down the sidewalk, enjoying the weather and posing in front of and on top of the IAmsterdam-sign. Move over cold winter days, spring’s here and ready to let our beloved capital flourish!

Spring activities in Amsterdam

Like every year, the city is full of activities for everyone to enjoy. Besides visiting the countless museums and art festivals in Amsterdam, there are so much more amazing things to do. Think of activities such as Easter in Amsterdam, Koningsdag, food festivals and the many flower exhibitions such as Keukenhof. Here’s a list of the must-visit activities in Amsterdam in the spring of 2017.

Dutch Keukenhof flower park

Amsterdam flowers

Think of Amsterdam, think of flowers. Many tourists absolutely adore the Dutch flower exhibitions. Here are some of the best ones:


From March 23th until the end of May, millions of flowers from local organization are exhibited near Amsterdam. With 7 million flowers, this amazing and spectacle view is something you have to have seen once in your life. Every year de Keukenhof receives over a million visitors.

Tulip Festival

Smaller than Keukenhof, but nonetheless epic is the tulip festival in the city center. The whole month of April, there are placed more than 500.000 tulips in the city. The tulips can be found in over 60 public areas and museum gardens. Where Royal Coster Diamonds is located, at the Museum Square, the large pond in the middle of the square is filled with many tulips. 

Contact your country manager to book an excursion to the Amsterdam Tulip gardens.

Easter food truck festival in Amsterdam

Easter in Amsterdam

So much Easter activities, so little time! Whatever your interests are, you will have the time of your life celebrating Easter in the City of Diamonds. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the beautiful parks. Foodies can eat their heart out at one of the many local food markets and festivals. Families can visit the (petting) zoos or have a nice Easter brunch at restaurants in authentic buildings. Passion concerts and church services are held in many Amsterdam churches during Eastern. Young at heart? Rock at one of the Eastern dance festivals or go shopping at some of the best shopping streets in Europe. 

Contact your country manager for the best Eastern activities for your groups  

King's day (koningsdag) in Amsterdam

Koningsdag: 27 April 2017

Perhaps the biggest event in the Netherlands since forever: Koningsdag (King’s Day). Before the inauguration of king Willem-Alexander, this was known as Koninginnedag. The night before King’s Day, known as Kings Night, there are already many parties and events that go on the entire night.

In the morning, almost every city in the Netherlands has transformed into a giant flea market. Both stores and residents can sell their things literally on the streets. During the day and at night there are many outdoor concerts by famous artists to end your Koningsdag slamming.

Still don’t have a clue about what Kings Day means? Just drop by and experience this Dutch tradition, watch this old video about Koninginnedag and ask your Country Manager more about the happening that is Koningsdag

Skyline of Amsterdam

Ready to visit Amsterdam yet?

As you can see, Amsterdam has so much to offer! Whatever you and your customers like to do, Amsterdam has everything to make the spring of 2017 an unforgettable one. At Royal Coster Diamonds, we are more than happy to help you composing the optimal Amsterdam Tourist Package. Ask our country managers for more information about the mentioned activities and get ready to be provided with even more amazing activities.

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