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Our Legacy

Royal Coster Diamonds, 175 years of craftsmanship

The world’s most trusted diamond factory has a rich and compelling history. In our diamond facts section, we discuss some remarkable facts about diamonds in general or about the legacy of Royal Coster Diamonds. Today we discuss the subtitle of our famous logo: Since 1840. Royal Coster was actually founded before that date, but we just can’t proof it. Here’s the reason why.

Our Legacy

The Legacy of Royal Coster Diamonds

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Our Legacy

Royal Coster Diamonds, a brief history

Royal Coster Diamonds has been around for a long time, dating back all the way to 1840. That year diamond cutter Moses Elias Coster founded Royal Coster Diamonds in a factory near the Waterloo Square, located in the heart of Amsterdam. A lot has happened since then:

  • In 1848 Martin Coster successed his father. He often visited Paris and Antwerp in order to put Royal Coster Diamonds on the map abroad.
  • Royal Coster Diamonds was bought by Felix Theodoor Manus a few years before World War I. From this moment on Royal Coster was no longer a family business.
  • In 1970, Royal Coster Diamonds moves to its current location near the Museumplein in Amsterdam.
  • Royal Coster Diamonds opened its Diamond Museum in 2007 and since then attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world.

Our Legacy

Royal Coster Diamonds, Royal Partner

Throughout its entire eventful history, Royal Coster Diamonds always has had close relations with royals around the globe. Prince Albert of England was the first to embrace the craftsmanship of our diamond cutters when he gave the assignment to repolish the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond. Royal Coster Diamonds also cuts diamonds for the Dutch royal house. One of the finest examples being the diamond studded watch for Queen Juliana in 1959, these days frequently worn by Queen Maxima.

Our Legacy

Royal visitors of Royal Coster Diamonds

Throughout history Royal Coster Diamonds has had many royal visitors. Here you can see a short selection of some of our royal visitors.


Our Legacy

Royal Coster Diamond and her famous diamond cutters

There is a reason why Royal Coster Diamonds and craftsmanship of the highest quality go hand in hand. Only the most experienced and skillful diamond cutters have worked and continue to work for us. The first to make name for themselves were J.A. Fedder and Louis Voorzanger, who worked on the mentioned Koh-i-Noor diamond. Ben Meier of course, providing Dutch royals with the finest jewelry. And last but certainly not least Pauline Willemse, who still holds the record of cutting the smallest diamond in the world. Visit us and take a tour around our Diamond Museum to experience the rich history of Royal Coster Diamonds yourself!

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Royal Coster Diamonds