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Top Pitfalls in Buying a Ring

March 1, 2016/ BY Coster Diamonds

Oh, the grueling task of finding that perfect ring, for the perfect day, for the perfect partner. Even though it might be difficult, it is a day that will never be erased from your memory. Buying a ring is an arduous task. Many spend their whole year’s savings on that one piece of jewelry to impress their beloved one. However, even after all the research and preparation, the majority of people still manages to encounter a few pitfalls along the way.

One of the most common hidden or unsuspected dangers out there are the extremely expensive, yet alluring jewelry stores. They usually have a very inviting ora and a canny salesman who will smother you with intelligent and beguiling reasons as to why to purchase that utterly expensive ring. So, avoiding stores like that can be of great benefit for the ones who are about to pop the question.

If you are on a tight budget and are not able to purchase a big rock, do not fret. Taking out a humongous loan will haunt you for a long time. So, avoid making that mistake. Instead, purchase the diamond you can afford with the option to later upgrade it. Doesn’t that sound smarter and more practical? Basically, when the time comes and you can splurge more on your beloved one, choose a good occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary and surprise your partner with the upgraded version of their already captivating ring.



Nowadays, when buying an engagement ring, many soon-to-be-weds are advised to consider buying a set—the engagement ring as well as the wedding band. These also come is various shapes and size and vary in price. They are designed to complement each other, and you will also find that purchasing both rings at the same time can save you time and money.

One huge perk to internet shopping is anonymity and the ability to truly surprise someone. There are various internet sources where you can browse and research everything you want to know about rings. Once you come across on the perfect one, you are simply a click away from making the dreams of your partner come true. These rings are usually a lot more affordable compared to the overpriced ones you can find at those fancy jewelry shops. Shipping it to a safe address, like your best friend’s house is also a great idea. This way you can avoid getting busted.

To avoid other potential pitfalls, never hesitate to ask for help. There are myriads of professionals waiting to accompany you and help you along your journey. Coster Diamonds has been around for many decades and had the pleasure of witnessing a great number of happy engagement moments. It is Coster Diamond’s mission to provide the perfect ring, so feel free to rely on our expertise.

However, no matter how complex this whole ring buying process is, in the end, it is all worth it. And their ‘Yes’ is what truly matters at the end of the day.

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