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Get the Royal Coster Tour Guide App for Red Light District

March 28, 2018/ BY Coster Diamonds

Tour providers who offer tours of the ‘Wallen’ – Amsterdam’s red light district – will face stricter rules from April this year. The number of organized tours has risen sharply in recent years. At peak times, such as between 11 and 12 AM, as many as 27 groups an hour cross Oudekerksplein, the church square in the heart of the red light district. To keep the area liveable both for residents and other visitors, groups should not be too large, and participants should behave appropriately. The new rules are aimed at preventing public nuisance in the Wallen district.

A permit is obligated

Guides giving tours to groups bigger than 4 people will need a permit to enter the area. Tours for groups of more than 20 are now banned. The measure applies to all guided tours, whether on foot, by bike or on Segways. Tours must be finished by 11:00 PM at the latest. Guides who break the rules will face a fine of € 190,- per individual and € 950,- if they are working on behalf of a company. After three violations, the permit will be revoked.

Apply for your permit here

We made an app especially for (tour) guides to obtain a permit quickly and easy. In the app, you can request the permit, see which part of the city is the red light district, find bars and restaurants and bus parking places. 

Download our app and follow these steps

Step 1:

Click on the download button to download the app. Our app is not yet in the Play Store or Google Play and is only available here.

Button to download our app

Step 2:

Click on de open button. This looks similar to the image below.

Step 3:

You will receive the notification that you are only allowed to see (not edit) this file. Click on Yes


Step 4

It is possible your phone blocks unknown apps that are not from the Play Store or Google Play. In this case, you get a screen similar to the one below. Click on Settings

Step 5

Allow this app from Unkown Sources. Tick the switch on. This looks similar to the image below.

Step 6

Allow the installation of the unknown sources, only this once, and click on OK

Step 8

Give the app permission and click on install

Step 9

Install the app and click on open

Step 10

Allow the app to see your location. Click on allow

Step 11

Open the app. Now you can see everything regarding the red light district and how to apply for a permit. 

If you have any questions about the Red Light District Tours or out app, please contact our Travel Department:

+31 (0)20 3055 555





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