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A free tour in your own language

Royal Coster Diamonds invites you to a visit in the heart of Amsterdam for a free guided tour. Explore the mystical world of diamonds in your own language. Watch our craftsmen and women cut and polish rough stones into beautiful diamonds. They create diamonds in all shapes and sizes that will last for centuries to come. Our experienced guides will tell you about the 4 C’s of diamond valuation, the origin of diamonds and much more. All while you gaze upon some of the world’s most spectacular diamond artifacts. 


Learn some amazing facts about diamonds

During the tour, your personal guide explains everything you want to know about the mystical world of diamonds. He or she will tell you about the origins of the diamonds and the process a diamond goes through. This diamond process takes millions of years. Learn how to evaluate a diamond with the 4 C’s (carat, cut, clarity, color) of diamond valuation. There is so much more to know and appreciate about a diamond than just the sparkle. You will be surprised.


Largest collection of diamonds in Europe

Ready to see the real thing? At Royal Coster Diamonds we have the largest collection unset diamonds in Europe. Whatever your diamond needs are, we can fulfill them to complete satisfaction. From polished to rough, from 0,10 carat to 5+ carat, we have diamonds in all shapes and colors. You can see and purchase them right here, right now, in the heart of Amsterdam, the City of Diamonds.


See the Koh-I-Noor, in the British Crown Jewels

In 1853 Queen Elizabeth called upon Royal Coster Diamonds to repolish the famous the Koh-I-Noor Diamond. This was the largest diamond ever found and its name means ‘Mountain of Light’. Once you see the Crown at our polishing area, you will understand why the stone was named like that. It is on display and the centerpiece of a large collection of famous diamonds we have. Other diamonds such as the Cullinan diamond, the Rembrandt and many, many more.


More facets, more fire, more sparkle

The Royal 201

Besides seeing amazing diamond jewelry and Europe’s largest collection of unset diamonds, you will also see the Royal 201 diamond. This is Royal Coster’s own patented diamond and known to be the best diamond in the world. A regular brilliant has 57 facets, while our unique diamond cut has no less than 201 facets. These extra facets cause to make the light reflect even more within the diamond. This creates a sparkling effect that is no match for any other diamond shape in the world.


Tax-Free shopping straight from the source

We are in business for more than 175 years and build up a reputable list of customers around the globe. The only thing our clients have in common is that they only want the best quality for the best price. One of the biggest benefits of buying diamonds at a polishing factory is getting them straight from the source. This keeps the quality higher and the costs lower than at regular diamond retailers. If you visit us from outside the European Union we can offer you a tax refund on your purchase.


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