Experience the traditional craft of diamond polishing

Diamond Masterclass

Polish a Diamond Yourself

During this masterclass, you sit down with one of our diamond polishers who explains their craft. Most of the polishers work here for decades and have some amazing stories that will not only educate you about the protected craft of diamond polishing but also show you the side of diamond polishing you cannot read in books.
The best part is when you sit behind an authentic diamond polishing table to experience polishing a real diamond. Of course, this is under the supervision of one of our master polishers! After this experience, you see our collection of set and unset diamonds in a private room. Now you understand why royals from all around the world visited Royal Coster Diamonds to see the craft and purchase their jewelry.

The Diamond Masterclass is the perfect introduction to the world of diamond craftsmanship and an engaging experience.
Language tour upon availability | Duration approx. 1-1,5 hours | Price is per person

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Are you intrigued by a diamond’s sparkle? The Diamond Masterclass is perfect for everyone who loves diamonds and wants to find out how to polish them. During this Masterclass, a diamond polisher and your personal guide first shows you some famous diamond artifacts and explains the origin of diamonds. He or she explains the 4 C’s of diamond valuation and tells a bit about our rich history. Experience up close what it means to polish a real diamond while the polisher explains the process. After this explanation, it is your turn to sit at the table and polish a facet on a diamond yourself.


  • A personal guided tour
  • Learn more about diamonds and the 4 C’s
  • Polish a part of a real diamond yourself
  • Meet & greet with a diamond polisher
  • Visitors outside the EU get their VAT back - fast refund
  • Free entrance to the diamond museum next-door

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