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Wanted: Sales Representatives Mandarin Chinese (Part-time & Full-time)

March 22, 2018/ BY Coster Diamonds

Royal Coster Diamonds is one of the largest and busiest diamond polishing factories in Amsterdam specialized in guided tours for groups and individuals. For the 2018 tourist season, we require a few more


Sales Representatives Mandarin Chinese

We have a Full-time and a Part-time vacancy. Ideal candidates are:

  • Customer-oriented, enthusiastic and results-driven
  • Familiar with the English language. Next to Mandarin, English is a must
  • Preferably also speak Cantonese at a native or fluent level.
  • Good communicators. You should have communication skills and affinity with sales
  • Prepared to work 3-4 days a week (for Part-time) or 5 days a week (for Full-time) 
  • Willing to work flexible hours (during the high season the probability of being scheduled to work 2 weekends per month)
  • Residential in Amsterdam or in the immediate vicinity

We Offer:

  •  A season contract until approx. end of October 2018.
  • Pro rata vacation days to be taken at the end of the contract.
  • A multicultural work environment.
  • An in-company product training starting approx. begin April about diamonds.

You can send your application letter within 1 week, including a CV and photo to:

Acquisition is not appreciated.

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