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Personal advice on diamonds, now with Whatsapp

January 20, 2016/ BY Coster Diamonds


Whatsapp, our new customer service.

Buying jewelry is not something you do every day. The importance of making an informed decision cannot be stressed enough here. You will want to know that you got your money’s worth from your purchase. Therefore it would be great if you got some guiding and support during the whole process. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our customers for the last 175 years.

Excellent personal service goes beyond the moment of shopping. In the unlikely event that you’re experiencing some problems with your jewelry, you would certainly want a reliable customer service. You’ve probably had some bad experience with customer service in the past (haven’t we all..), but remember – with the jewelry being a luxury item, you are in full right to expect a much more dedicated service. And with an established luxury diamond polishing factory such as Coster Diamonds, that’s exactly the kind of service you’ll get.

So download our contact to your phone by clicking here or adding +31 (0) 6 297 05658 and we hope to chat with you soon!

Not interested in chatting? No problem! You can still contact us through email and as you can see Danielle is happy to speak with you on the phone as well.


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