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Who Can I Really Trust?

November 9, 2015/ BY Coster Diamonds

Diamonds can cost from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. Making such a significant investment is a huge step. The engagement ring or any other type of jewelry can be a symbol of love, commitment, and trust in one another. Making sure you are truly buying a significant and valuable piece is crucial, that is why you ought to know who to trust and who not to trust.

In the past, there were stories of dealers who cannily knew how to deceive potential buyers by persuading them to buy stones closely resembling diamonds. One of these stones was the rare variant of sapphire, called the Colorless Sapphire. mmorog coupons Nowadays, it is extremely hard to come by one, but there are definitely other faux diamond replicas that can be used to deceive inexperienced customers. Thus, what happens is that the buyer pays the same amount of money for goods that is half as valuable as the genuine gem.

One of the most secure ways to purchase a real diamond is to have a written document accompany the brilliant, as well as other gems. This document is the Diamond Certificate or the written report that serves to prove the value of the diamond. Most serious diamond businesses will be happy to suggest a few agencies they co-operate with to obtain this document.

They might also offer an additional form, which is the Warranty that you are also encouraged to purchase. The warranty serves as a safety net or a back-up plan in case the jewel gets damaged.


The evaluation of a diamond takes place at a highly equipped laboratory, where professional gemologists study the various properties of the gem and are able to easily determine whether a diamond truly is a diamond.

Most high profile jewelry shops will not lure you into buying anything fake. What is more, they are prohibited from doing that. The highly accomplished, registered and revered shops, such as Coster Diamonds only offer genuine, great quality gems.

However, if you opt to try your luck at some cloak-and-dagger, barely heard-of jeweler, make sure you take a pro with you, who can help you determine whether the goods is real or not.

Jewelry shows can be amusing, alluring and deceiving. When attending one, you will be exposed to great advertisement such as, “When the jewelry show visits your town…Diamond on sale…When find yourself in another country…..” etc. You are highly advised not to trust any of that, for one simple reason; real diamonds cost the same in every country. They have a universal exchange rate, thus coming across something less expensive than the real diamond price is probably a scam. However, miracles do happen, so if you have a diamond expert near you, who can evaluate the gem for you and advises you to purchase the rock for cheaper, than great! You are a lucky one!

Overall, to avoid buying faux jewelry, consult experts and ask for help, so that you can be a hundred percent certain that the diamond you are about to purchase is real, especially when buying it outside of trusted stores.

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