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Our award winning diamond consultants help you select the best diamond jewellery for any budget.
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Discover 175 Years of Diamond Craftsmanship

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More Facets, More Sparkle, More Fire

Our Patented Royal 201 Diamond Shape

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A Royal Legacy

Royal Coster Diamonds is the oldest diamond polishing factory in the world.
Our craftsmen create the finest diamond jewelry for royals, celebrities, heads of state and young couples visiting Amsterdam. We have more than 400.000 visitors from Europe but also from China, The U.S.A. Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. Visit us to learn about diamonds and our Royal Legacy that spans over 175 years.
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175 years of craftsmanship

Read why we have been the #1 choice for high-end diamond jewelry around the world

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Contact our diamond consultants

Our award winning diamond consultants help you select
the best diamond jewelry for any budget.

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Brilliant Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist hotspots
due to its perfect combination of romance, culture and fun.
Your trip to the City of Diamonds is not complete without
a visit to Royal Coster Diamonds

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#4 The largest collection of diamonds

Why we have been the best choice for your diamond jewelry since 1840

The 8 diamond guarantees

The 4 C’s of diamond valuation. Part 1: Carat

In our 4 part video series we explain everything  there is to know about what determines  the value of a diamond.

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Royal Coster Diamonds