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Engagement Trend: The Self Love Pinky Ring™

By Alina

Marketing and Communications Advisor with a passion for diamonds and a nose for trends. Always happy to share the latest developments in the jewelry business with you.

September 18, 2017

The music stops playing and he drops down on one knee. You stare into his hazel eyes while he asks you the question you’ve been waiting for your entire life. “Will you marry me?” He asks. You respond with a heartfelt YES when you see the ring he pops up. The engagement ring symbolizes his eternal love for you. He puts the ring on your finger, you’ll get married and live happily ever after. The End.

The self-love pinky ring

Woah, woah, woah, wait – rewind! Of course, the story above sounds like a fairy tale. But it also seems a little 1920-ish. Back then women were told basically everything depended on whether or not they would get married. Marriage was the end goal and the only way to be truly happy. But does it still in the 21st century?  Recently, many women declared it’s just as important to love yourself as to be loved by someone else. Perhaps even more because you’ll need to love yourself first before you can really love someone else. Therefore, Fred and Far founder Melody Gofred created the Self Love Pinky Ring™ and started a new tradition: proposing to yourself.

woman wearing pinky promise ringPictured: The Mini Self Love Pinky Ring by Fred and Far. Photo Credit: Fred and Far www.fredandfar.com 

A commitment to yourself

The idea behind the Self Love Pinky Ring™ is that you don’t need a man to be happy. A strong independent woman can take care of herself. So why shouldn’t she buy an engagement ring for herself? As Fred and Far explains, the engagement ring is a symbol of commitment. The pinky ring represents the same, only the commitment to oneself. It’s derived from the “Pinky Promise”, the strongest promise someone can make.

I Pinky Promise

“To honor myself, to choose myself and to remember myself on a daily basis” – Melody Godfred, founder of Fred and Far. That’s the accompanying slogan of Fred and Far’s Self Love Pinky Ring ™ whose pictures are taking over Instagram nowadays. Many women, including celebrities, share their photo and their story on Instagram, using the hashtag #selflovepinkyring. Regardless of how it may come across, the pinky ring doesn’t mean you should be selfish. Nor that self-love should come from the exclusion of loving others. It simply means that you should love yourself first and that you are worth it to take care of yourself.

I pinky promise myself
Pictured: The Original Self Love Pinky Ring and Pinky Promise Pledge by Fred and Far. Photo Credit: Fred and Far www.fredandfar.com 

A pinky promise ring or diamond engagement ring

Personally, we love the idea of the Self Love Pinky Ring™. The combination of female empowerment and diamonds: what’s not to like? That being said, I don’t think this pinky ring should be considered as a replacement of the traditional engagement ring. It would be perfectly fine if you were to wear both a pinky ring and an engagement ring. In fact, I think it works great and it is really beautiful. Because an “I love you” only really means something if the person who says it truly loves herself.

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