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Press Release: The Crest of Royal Coster

By Robert

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July 21, 2017

AMSTERDAM - A few days ago, Royal Coster Diamonds revealed its crest. The crest contains the various aspects that represent the famous diamond polishing factory. A lot of the inspiration for this crest came from a visit to the grave of Martin Coster, the founder of Royal Coster Diamonds as the company we know today.

Ever since the diamond polishing company received the Royal title in 2016 from King Willem-Alexander, they felt like they needed a crest. Royal Coster decided to dedicate the crest to their rich history. The crest should be a tribute to Martin Coster. Martin was the son of the founder of Coster Diamonds and the one who made the company great. Therefore, Royal Coster decided to pay a visit to Martin’s grave in Paris for inspiration for the crest.

Robert at Grave Martin Coster

Martin Coster’s grave

The grave definitely provided some inspiration. On top of his grave were a beaver and the text “Honestas Optima Politia”. After all these years, these two things are perfect representations of the company Royal Coster Diamonds is today. The beaver stands for hard work and strong work ethics. For Coster, this means: working hard, don’t complain and get the job done to provide quality. “Honestas Optima Politia” translates to “Honesty is the Best Policy”. This was Martin’s motto and it still is Royal Coster’s.


The other elements on the crest also represent the world’s oldest diamond polishing factory just as well. “It has everything of Coster we feel is most important.” says Ronald Koster, marketing director of Royal Coster Diamonds. “Besides the beaver and the motto, there’s the flag of the city of Amsterdam: the city that has been our home since the beginning. The diamond symbolizes our Royal 201. Our patented diamond cut which experts consider the best cut in the world. The two lions on both sides of the crest stand for our country. This is because lions are the national supporter and symbol of the Netherlands. Last but not least: the crown. We highly value the Royal status that our king granted us. Every day we do our best to live up to this status and we take pride in doing so.”

Detailed picture of the various elements on the crest explained

Team effort

Making this crest definitely was a team effort and it turned out beautifully. This crest not only represents Royal Coster Diamonds but in a way Amsterdam as well. The upcoming months, Coster will work on implementing the craft in their branding.

About Royal Coster

Royal Coster Diamonds is the world’s oldest diamond polishing factory and is located in Amsterdam at the Museum Square. For more than 175 years, their craftsmen create the most beautiful diamonds and diamond jewelry for royals, celebrities, heads of state and young couples. With 350.000 visitors every year, they are a true Amsterdam attraction. In order to educate the public about diamonds, they offer free guided tours through their diamond polishing factory in more than 27 languages. Read more about the crest and see pictures in our blog about the aspects of the crest or the journey to Martin Coster’s grave.  

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