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The Pumpkin Diamond

By Frank

Highly experienced diamond polisher who loves to share his knowledge with you. Continues to stun his colleagues with interesting - or simply bizarre - facts about diamonds and gems.

May 29, 2020

Do you know the story of the Fairy Godmother turning a pumpkin into a gorgeous carriage, for Cinderella to attend the ball? Something similar happened in the world of diamonds. Today we'll tell you the story of Mr. Goldberg, who turned a rough stone into a beautiful orange diamond: the Pumpkin Diamond.

The Pumpkin Diamond

What is the Pumpkin Diamond?

The Pumpkin Diamond is a Fancy Vivid Orange diamond that is amongst the rarest and most beautiful naturally colored diamonds in the world. This cushion cut diamond is 5.54 carat in total, but started off as an 11-carat brownish-orange rough. It was discovered in South Africa in 1997 and was in possession of an African farmer, before being cut into the gorgeous stone it is today. Just like Cinderella, the Pumpkin Diamond went through quite a transformation.

The Pumpkin DiamondSource: Pinterest

History of the Pumpkin Diamond

Shortly after the discovery of the rough, Bill Goldberg and Joe Gaddie purchased the diamond. They took a leap of faith, which definitely paid off. When they started to cut the brownish-orange stone, the unique and vibrant orange color came to life. Just like pink and blue diamonds, orange diamonds are extremely rare. Less than 1 percent of all diamonds in the world are orange. They are also called fire diamonds. 

Pumpkin and a Diamond


On the night before Halloween in 1997, Sotheby’s put the diamond up for auction. The diamond was purchased by Harry Winston for over $1.3 million. Since it was the largest Fancy Vivid Orange diamond of its time, it was worth every penny. Because of its unique color and the purchase date before Halloween, it became known as the Pumpkin Diamond. Check here http://elitehomeremodeling.com/. Harry Winston combined the orange beauty with two smaller shaped white diamonds on both sides. The ring in this form was valued at more than $3 million.

Halle Barry Pumpkin DiamondSource: Pinterest

Halle Berry

In 2002 actress Halle Berry was lucky enough to wear the ring to the 74th Academy Awards. She wore the Pumpkin Diamond on her little finger while giving her speech as the first African American to win an Oscar for Best Actress. A match made in heaven!

Orange Diamonds

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