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Our award winning diamond consultants help you select the best diamond jewellery for any budget.
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The Royal 201 Collection

A regular brilliant has 57 facets, the Royal 201 has 201.
More facets, more fire, more sparkle.

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Sapphire Diamonds

Did you know Sapphire diamonds aren’t always blue?
Read more in our sapphire diamond guide.

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Royal Diamond Jewelry

At Coster Diamonds we don’t believe in selling our hand-crafted diamond jewelry of such quality online. We do believe in preparing you as much as possible and informing and helping you select the perfect diamond jewelry.

Please browse around to see some of diamond jewelry we have to offer and remember we have a lot more available at our monumental villa’s in the Heart of Amsterdam. There is a reason Amsterdam is known as City of Diamonds.

For customers outside the E.U. region we offer an even more attractive tax-back.

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Colored diamond jewelry

Our collection of colored diamond jewelry is elegant yet dazzling. Perfect for that special night out.

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The honest story about the 4 C's of diamond valuation

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The Coster Diamonds V.I.P. Service

Experience the same treatment as Empress Sissi, Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth.

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Coster Watches

A luxury boutique with high-end watches from the most renowned brands in the business.

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Diamond Bracelets

Elegant, timeless diamond bracelets

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Award winning customer service

Our diamond consultants help you select the best diamond jewelry for any budget.

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Visit the City of Diamonds

Free guided tours in more than 27 languages

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