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The Royal 201

March 1, 2016/ BY Coster Diamonds

Five hundred years of diamond cutting in the Netherlands and Flanders have bred the most expert workforce of diamond polishers with an unlimited number of world famous creations. Creations such as the Cullinan (the biggest diamond ever found), The Koh-I-Noor, the Dresden and the Star of the South.
The Amsterdam cut was the first improvement towards sparkle and shine. In the 1920’s came the brilliant cut with 58 and then 57 facets through the pointed culet.


In the 1990’s, various refinements such as “hearts and arrows”, ” ideal cut” appeared. Finally, Bobby Low and Donny Griffioen decided to put their years of experience and expertise together to create the “201″. They combined experienceand artistry with the latest technological advances in microscopic observation and tool making. This enabled them to achieve the epitomy of round diamond cutting. The secret of the perfect sparkle lies in the re-arrangement of crown facets and their angle. Including the amazing microfacetting of the girdle, the total count ls 201, the ideal number of facets.



Bobby Low

Bobby Low has been a diamond trader since a very young age. He graduated Cum Laude from the Gymnasium at the tender age of 17 after which he followed a technical training as ‘diamond polisher’. After his time in the Air Force he became a diamond trader on his own first, and then later with his father. Bobby is considered to be one of the foremost diamond experts. One can see the strong passion for perfection in the rough stones he trades in. This drive, combined with his ingenuity and creativity led to some of the world’s most sparkling creations.




Donny Griffioen

At a very early age, Donny Griffioen had the privilege to be accepted into the closed and mystical diamond industry. He learned everything he knew from the masters of the craft in the 80s and 90s and uses his broad knowledge today as purchasing director to select nothing but the finest rough and polished diamonds for Coster Diamonds. At the age of 28, Donny created his masterpiece.

Together with Bobby Low, he brought life to the combination of technological diamond cutting skills and a strong ambition to create something that the world has never seen before: the ultimate sparkling diamond: The Coster Royal 201.

Royal 201 collection

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