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Polish and keep your own diamond

Diamond Masterclass Deluxe

Become a Diamond Polisher

This highly exclusive workshop is only for 1 or 2 persons at a time. Your personal guide and master polisher welcomes you to our polishing factory. He or she starts the Masterclass Deluxe with a private tour through the Diamond Museum. The polisher tells you everything there is to know about the origin of diamonds and show you some amazing diamond artefacts. He or she often has some fascinating stories to tell that only true craftsmen know. After the museum tour, you sit down at the polishing table with your polisher. He or she explains about the (protected) craft of diamond polishing and the 4 C’s of diamond valuation. After the explanation, it is time to polish your own diamond.

While you are polishing, the master polisher gives you tips and feedback so you will polish your diamond perfectly. When you are all done, you can keep your diamond as a memento. After the Masterclass Deluxe you see an amazing collection of set and unset diamonds in a private showroom. In the showroom, you can apply your newfound diamond knowledge to these stones. Here you also have the possibility to buy a diamond or a setting for the diamond you just polished. When you completed the workshop successfully, you also receive an official Royal Coster Diamonds certificate.

Duration approx. 4 - 4,5 hours | €400 per person

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Do you want to learn the craft of diamond polishing from the best polishers in the world? And do you want to keep the diamond that you polished? Then our Diamond Masterclass Deluxe is the perfect experience for you. During this 4-hour highly exclusive workshop you polish your very own diamond.
This Masterclass Deluxe is given exclusively by our best diamond polishers. They give you an in-depth Masterclass that ends – if you do it correctly – with an official certificate.


  • Free entrance & guided tour at Diamond Museum
  • Personal explanation about diamond polishing & the 4C's
  • Polishing a diamond yourself
  • Keeping the diamond you polished
  • Official Royal Coster Certificate of completion
  • See our Royal 201 patented collection

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